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Virus Removal


Computer Running Slowly?
We are the only place to get your computer running better than new.

Only $99
We warranty our virus removal and optimization for 1 year. If you get a virus during this time we will remove it from your system for free.

With PC Electronics you keep your PROGRAMS and DATA our process is non destructive we just get rid of the viruses and other problems. Most other shops advertising similar "Virus Removals" will format your hard drive deleting programs, data, and reload windows then charge another $50 to backup your data ouch. Once complete you will have to install all your programs again and find your original disk or downloads if you even know where your software disks are.

FREE UPGRADE to Windows 10
If you want PC Electronics includes at no extra charge with your optimazation an upgrade to windows 10. Your computer must be running windows 7 or higher to qualify and you still keep your programs and data.

Virus Removal
When it comes to virus removal and optimization, we have been doing it since around 1994. Back in those days weird things would start happening-- usually, a grinding floppy drive was the number one sign of a computer virus. The floppy drive was how most computers would catch a virus. Once caught, the computer would then try to transmit the virus by means of the floppy drive causing a grinding noise even when the drive was empty. Nowadays, viruses are almost completely transmitted through the internet, mainly through holes in software creating hostile hosting sites. We have the ability to keep you safe and clear from harm.


Optimization consists of virus, pop up, malware, and spyware removal and turning off background programs and uninstalling manufacturer bloatware. It also includes lifetime antivirus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware. We cleanup dead files and organize your hard drive to run faster and survive longer. We detail your system, inside and out. We install needed software and update your OS with important programs and much more to stop re-infections. Sometimes we finish this the same day (usually less than 3 days) depending on infections and your system speed.

Turning off (TSR's) Terminate and Stay Resident programs is where we make your system much faster. These programs run in the background slowing your computer down. For example, Norton anti-virus runs about 50 TSR's slowing a fast computer down to a crawl. At PC Electronics we know which TSR's to turn off to speed up you computer, people can't believe the difference our optimization makes. When it comes to TSR's we have the knowledge that will make your system as fast as possible. Knowing TSR's makes a big difference when optimizing a system to top performance.

A tune-up also includes an extensive cleaning where we blow out everything the cooling fans and all components in your computer or laptop even under the keyboard and any where we find dirt or a mess. We use a compressor instead of air cans that hardly blow out anything to ensure your system is clean inside and out and willkeep your computer run cool the most important thing for healthy system. Then we detail the outside of the machine so well when our customers come to pickup their computers in many cases they don't even recognize their own system, because they looks so good. We also give you
much more underlying foundation software which keeps your system running great and free from problems.

Software Included in an Optimization
Lifetime  Anti Virus, Anti Malware, and Anti Spyware

Open Office includes Word Processor, Spread Sheet, Presentation Maker, Database

Adobe Reader, Itunes, PDF Creator, Google Drive, Team Viewer, Image DVD Burner Software,
7zip, Winrar, Latest Java, .net Microsoft, Flash Player and much more Software is included in a
Optimization. This is why you should come to us for your computer repairs.

Phone 217-698-1422
1314 So MacArthur Blvd.
Springfield, IL 62704
Hours   10am to 6pm Mon-Fri
           12pm to 4pm Saturday

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