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1314 So MacArthur Blvd.   Springfield, IL 62704


Store Hours
10am to 6pm     Monday thru Friday
Closed     Saturday

PC Electronics is a friendly computer store where we are happy to answer your questions. We can explain the complicated in simple and easy to understand words. We have been helping people since 1992. We now have thousands of satisfied customers at PC Electronics, we strive to take care of our customer not by over selling them but by setting people up with systems that fit their needs.  When you buy from PC Electronics you get a computer with a warranty, lifetime anti-virus and has been optimized. When you buy from us you get a  no-hassle  warranty that we stand behind, no filling out forms and sending your computer away. At PC Electronics we strive to make a great experience for our customers so they can tell their friends.

If we can't fix it's Free !!! -
If we can't repair your computer it's free!

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