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Springfields Oldest and Most Trusted Computer Shop
Trust is the most important part of any business relationship. We have been around since 1993 because we do a great job at a great price with honesty and integrity. We are here for the long run and want to build great relationships with our customers. They return to us for all their computer needs and recommend us to their friends.  

Free Diagnosis? No Problem!
Having trouble with your computer? PC Electronics is the place to bring your system. We can save you hundreds. We have the expertise to get the job done right the first time! Our diagnoses are correct the first time. This means we will repair the right problems quickly and your computer correctly, saving time and money.

PC Electronics Has a Fast Turnaround
We stock many parts like power supplies, LCD screens, hard drives, ram, and much more for fast turnaround. Plus, we have the most experience of all the shops in the Springfield area. More experience means we get our valued customers' computers repaired and going again quickly.  Come where we have great feedback and our customers love us!

Computer Running Slow?
We are the place to go! Unlike most other shops where the only answer to your slow problem is a reload where you lose all of your programs and sometime your data (OUCH!), PC Electronics has what's known as an “optimization tune up”. This is where we get rid of your awful viruses, spyware, and malware. We also remove all bloatware put on by the manufacturer that drags down your system, and you keep your program data and all your goodies. Of course, we will reload your system if you like. When we do a “optimization tune up” after reloading, unlike much of our competition, we get all of your drivers and confirm functionality of all hardware so that your machine will work better. Many times, we will go ahead and put Windows 10 on at no extra charge. We can do this with a tuneup also.  

Dead Computer /Laptop?
No problem! At PC Electronics we see this frequently (usually a laptop) and are able to fix it for free right in our showroom for the lucky people that could find us. All computers need to be restarted from time to time. They have since the creation of computers in the 1940s. I understand this and realize that the battery holds a charge keeping the CPU from restarting. Since we started seeing laptops in the 90s we have pulled the batteries and brought hundreds of laptops back from the dead at no cost to the owners. Other shops had no idea of this until recently. They unnecessarily condemned many machines to death!

Optimization tune up
1yr warranty if you get a virus we fix it for free !!!

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